Fitting a shoe

Fitting A Horse Shoe

After the shoe is shaped to match your horse's hoof, it will be attached with nails. The nails should always be outside the sensitive lamina, otherwise the horse could bleed and experience pain. The hoof will be slightly larger than the shoe until your farrier finishes the foot with the rasp.

View of Hoof

The Mysterious Hoof

I encourage horse owners to learn all about the structures inside and surrounding the hoof. It's important that you understand the way the frog works, how the heels expand and contract upon impact, and what a well balanced foot looks like on your horse.

Advice for Horse Owners

  • When possible, select horses with good hooves.

  • Maintain balanced, proper sized hooves for horses. Keep hooves free of defects.

  • Keep corrals clean and as dry as possible, with no mud holes for moisture.

  • Provide adequate nutrition and exercise.

  • Trim/shoe on a regular and appropriate schedule with a competent farrier. Generally, unshod horses are trimmed every 8 weeks or shod every 6-8 weeks.

  • Train foals/horses to stand for shoeing; trim and square new foals’ toes at a few weeks of age.

  • Clean out hooves daily. Clip hair around coronary band and fetlocks to reduce bacteria.

  • Treat thrush if needed with commercial anti-thrush product or with a 1 to 10 part mixture of either bleach or Lysol and water.

  • Avoid extended use of hoof polishes.

  • Use hoof moisturizers as needed.

  • Groom and fly spray your horse prior to the farrier's arrival.

  • Provide a clean/safe/lighted/comfortable work area for farrier.

  • Allow plenty of lead time in scheduling your farrier and pay promptly for services.

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